You Wanted Something Different ...

You Wanted Something Different ...


Thank You for taking the time to review this information. Liberty Health Net is a financially- solid International Corporation that has been in the making since 1998. For 3 years, we researched the Network Marketing Industry looking for an easy and realistic avenue for everyday people to achieve better health and financial independence.

We started by interviewing thousands of "active" Networkers. At first, we only paid close attention to those who had achieved success in this explosive business. We thought that by knowing the path they took to success, we could make it easier for our distributors to succeed.

We examined most and participated in a few of the companies that made some of these people wealthy. But we quickly realized that only super sales people could succeed with the "inflated" pricing and measly payouts that these companies offered. We were not super sales people and failed. But we did not feel bad because we failed. In fact, we learned a valuable lesson. We were listening to the wrong people!

If we wanted to create a vehicle for everyday people to achieve financial independence -- we needed to listen to what everyday people had to say. We went back and listened to those who had not enjoyed success in Network Marketing. This time, we listened very carefully. We needed to know what they felt had prevented them from succeeding.

Almost all of them agreed that unreliable & high priced products, high start-up expenses, impossible to duplicate recruiting systems with expensive recruiting materials and hard to understand & explain pay plans prevented them from sharing the products and business opportunity with others.

Most of them felt that with affordable products, a simple pay plan and a Recruiting System that everyone could duplicate, they could have been successful. But owners that were greedy -- and obviously not too smart! -- would not listen to their suggestions. At Liberty Health Net, we are not G-r-e-e-d-y nor D-u-m-b ... So, we listened! We have given our distributors what they felt they needed to succeed. But if you think that we can do better ... we are good listeners!

You Wanted Proven High-Demand Consumable Products...

WE LISTENED! The only way to earn residual income is to get your organization to re-order products every month. Liberty Health Net has formulated two remarkable products that can help you turn back the aging clock, supercharge your immune system ... and get your people to re-order every month!

Now you can look and feel 10-20 years younger ... and profit from the Health and Wellness Multi-Billion Dollar Global demand by spreading the news and sharing the amazing benefits and results that these products will bring you!

G. S. E. 100™ (Grape Seed Extract 100 mg.)

Nature''s Most Potent Antioxidant!

Grape Seed Extract has been exhaustively studied by some of the most prestigious medical facilities and universities around the world. The results are no less than astounding. In the research of Dr. Jacques Masquelier, Dr. Richard Passwater, Dr. Morton Walker, the Pasteur & Huntington Institutes and 7 other leading Universities in Europe, Grape Seed Extract (also known as OPC''s) has been proven to be an exceptional leader in the fight against free radical (cell-damaging) activity in human physiology.

Free radicals are the major cause for aging and for the general degradation of our body. They work against our immune system and play a major role in the development of chronic and degenerative disorders. The damage caused by free radicals to the human tissues is the driving force behind conditions ranging from arthritis to cataracts to heart disease to cancer.

Many health disorders are directly traceable to free radicals. Fortunately, the damage caused by free radicals is primarily oxidative and may be reversed by using antioxidants in sufficient doses.

Until the discovery of Grape Seed Extract, the best sources of antioxidants were found in vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene. The shortcoming of these sources is that they are not powerful enough to combat free radicals and are used or excreted within a short time of entering the body. According to studies, Grape Seed Extract remains in the body for 3 full days and is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. It can be safely said that Grape Seed Extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man!

Another important advantage of Grape Seed Extract is that it is one of the few antioxidants that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier to help protect the brain and nerve tissue from oxidation. That''s why it can improve your mental alertness and help prevent senility.

Grape Seed Extract is one amazing product! It is one of the most important immune system nutrients to come along in the past 50 years. A healthy immune system is the vital key to reversing the aging process and for providing a long and healthy life.

We want to give you more for your money! Liberty Health Net Brings You The Highest Quality Nutritional Products At The Lowest Prices! The Industry Standard for Grape Seed Extract is 60, 25-50 mg capsules for $32-$40 plus Shipping.

Our "G.S.E.100" contains 60, 100 mg capsules for ONLY $25 (includes S&H)!

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