New Resource to Find Weight Loss, Money Making and Health-Improving Products - Articles & News About Health

New Resource to Find Weight Loss, Money Making and Health-Improving Products - Articles & News About Health

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New Resource to Find Weight Loss, Money Making and Health-Improving Products

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) March 29, 2007 -- was designed to get the word out about products that provide useful benefit to consumers. The site goes out and finds either e-books or tangible products in the categories of weight loss, money making, and health to help the visitor easily click one of the resources to facilitate their goal achievement. The site has a very easy, workable interface in which each product is placed in its own square to make for better organization and reading for the viewer. The site is extreme useful for the average person who is looking to shed a few pounds, make some extra bucks online, and/or are trying to better their health. The site will continue to add new products/e-books as they are found useful and beneficial the the user so the site can grow into an eventually large database of great products. The site includes e-books, tangible products, supplements, packages and a variety of other media to help the visitor achieve goals that otherwise may prove difficult. The weight loss section provides breakdowns on a variety of products and e-books that are designed or renowned on the internet for their efficiency and aid to the consumer. The money-making section provides in-depth e-books with popular tips in Search Engine Optimization, affiliates marketing, and other aspects of e-commerce. The health section provides data to help the vistior track down beneficial supplements or literature to assist them in improvement their health.

The webmaster of the site does not create any of the products, they are found elsewhere; then broken down and placed on the site if their benefits exceed that of a mediocre product. It is imperative for the media and the average consumer to be aware of such a resource so that the pursuit of self-improvement may be facilitated through the site''s listings.

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Cookie Diet? Creator Dr. Sanford Siegal Goes to Washington

Prominent obesity expert Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D., will attend the grand opening celebration of Lifestyle Weight Management Center, a Washington, DC-area weight loss clinic that features his Dr. Siegal''s® Cookie Diet? hunger-controlling meal replacement products

Men''s Health Network & GW Cancer Institute To Present The DC Symposium on Prostate Health

The DC Symposium on Prostate Health will be hosted by Men''s Health Network in conjunction with The George Washington Cancer Institute. Please join us as distinguished physicians, thought leaders, and legislators discuss the issues of prostate health.

Why Friends Sabotage Your Diet at Parties

How to Say No When You Don''t Want the FoodA friend''s doctor said he should lose 10 pounds and so he is trying to break his sugar habit. He generally eats well during the day but his downfall is cookies while watching TV.

How to Make Your Own Home Care Products

Here are some of the simple formulas I would like to contribute so you could at least start your own business at home and probably save on your own product consumption.LIQUID AIR FRESHENERINGREDIENTS:NONYL PHENOL ( TERGITOL ) .

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Products Promote Good Health

Xocai has worked hard in order to bring a complete line of healthy snacks that are also extremely pleasant to the taste buds. If youre tired of drinking bland, chalky health shakes in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, then you will surely appreciate the Xocai chocolate drink! They have taken Acai berries, rich dark cocoa powder, and grapes to create a wonderfully delicious drink that contains plenty of the much needed antioxidants.

Catastrophic Coverage Health Insurance - Using The Tools Of Insurance In Your Favor

With healthcare premiums on the rise, it is important to be aware of different health care plans. Certain plans, such as catastrophic coverage health insurance can save money, but does not offer coverage for certain medical needs. For people who are self-employed or whose employers do not offer health insurance, finding affordable coverage is a huge priority.

There are three ways to write a first draft. One is to ink whatever surfaces, in whatever order without regard to grammar, spelling or staying on topic.

Is It Possible That Lifestyle And Health Behaviors Can Affect The Aging Process?

Many people feel life expectancy is all in our genes and the aging process is little affected by our living habits. However, several scientific studies have looked at the aging processes of twins who were reared together and apart to see what contributions genetics vs. living habits had toward longevity. In two famous twins? studies it was found that aging was less related to genetic factors than to lifestyle and health behaviors. With the results of these studies we can with a fair amount of confidence feel that we can affect the aging process with our lifestyles and health habits.

The Omega Zone Diet and Fish Oil

The Omega Zone Diet and specialists'' opinion"Omega RX Zone - The Miracle of High-dose Fish Oil" is considered the best contribution that Dr. Barry Sears has yet made to a healthy diet.

The Subconscious Diet Can Help Protect Your Child From Type 2 Diabetes

Until obesity became epidemic, type 2 diabetes was virtually unheard of in children and teens. It was originally called "adult-onset" because it was mainly seen after middle age.

The Heartland Spa Celebrates 25 Years of Leadership in the Wellness Industry

The Heartland Spa is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a leader in the destination health spa and wellness industry, and has just been named the #1 Spa in Illinois by Spas of America for 2007. The Spa''s team of experts assists guests in making positive Lifestyle Changes in the areas of nutrition, stress management, fitness, massage therapy and skincare.

Health Tips For Busy People: Healthy Diet & Exercise In the Office

Many women''s lifestyle magazines frustrate us by providing exercise regimens for work and then adding: "You can do this exercise in your office!" What about those of us who work in a cube or other small space (with no floor space for Pilates-style stretches) that''s not very private (do you really want your boss to wander by right when you''re doing jumping jacks?). Even if you are cube-confined, you can maintain your health in a cube.

Start Your Search And Get Affordable Health Insurance Today!

Finding affordable health insurance was not an easy task by any means. Don''t get me wrong: there are a lot of companies that offer low-cost policies. So if you just need some kind of coverage, I''m sure you''ll be able to find it. What I wanted, though, was more than just a piece of paper saying that I was covered in the event of a catastrophic illness. I wanted affordable health insurance that provided coverage for everything from routine checkups to prescription medication to major surgery. This was much more difficult to come by.

Vegan Willy Wonka Warns of Vegan Diet Dangers Prior to Presenting an Environmental Award at World''s Biggest Vegan Fayre

A leading UK dairy free organic chocolate manufacturer has gone mental - environmental. Plamil foods factory in Folkestone is now run on 100% sustainable energy sources. The latest research from Chicago University, a UN report and a leaked secret document from the UK government all suggest a vegan diet is the best for the planet. Adrian Ling Plamil Foods MD says "The food industry needs to realise the dangers of a vegan diet rising in popularity. Food manufacturers now have to watch quality control on many different new levels if they want to keep a competitive edge"

Reduce Your Medical Expenses With A Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts or HSAs are a new healthcare financing option introduced in 2004 that allows consumers to set up tax-deferred investment accounts tied to their health insurance policy and to use these tax-deferred funds to pay for incurred medical expenses. In essence, after setting up and funding an HSA in accordance with Federal and state regulations, you will be able to pay for many health-related expenses using pre-tax money. For most people, this is equivalent to receiving a 15% to 40% discount on qualified medical expenses! Consumers will realize even further savings by purchasing health insurance with a high deductible level -- a condition necessary to qualify for an HSA. In most cases, the benefits available under the HSA wi...